Leveraging our agility and creativity to boost your trailblazing solutions

We harness innovative solutions to shorten your product’s time to market.

Technology readiness levels

Accelinn can work on projects from NASA TRL4 to TRL9.

Dual expertise

Our teams’ dual technical and functional expertise puts Accelinn in a position to tackle projects with a holistic approach, and optimize your processes and your technology’s lifecycle.

Leveraging knowledge

At Accelinn, we like to think of ourselves as multidisciplinary creators. We develop inventive solutions and patents, and enhance manufacturing processes, with our own experts and in partnership with Research institutions and their customers.

Market vision

We can appoint a team to work full-time on your project and examine every facet of a market – upstream to downstream – to swiftly zero in on the insights that you need to inform your decisions on a product or process.


Quality-focused methods to speed up innovation

1- Assess

As soon as you give us the green light, we will brainstorm, run a SWOT analysis, map out the full state of the art, zero in on the technical solutions, drivers and killers, and submit a technical and business benchmark.

2 - Verify

Then we will run the short-listed technical solutions through tests to ascertain feasibility, remove the killers and qualify the drivers.

3 - Submit and optimize

Next, we check robustness and run repeated tests, altering the best parameters and analyzing the extent to which the process remains viable. We invariably correlate results to all aspects of the project (risks, time, cost). This puts the customer in a position to decide whether to make or buy the solution.

4 - Produce

Lastly, we build the product or process, or support you if you choose to do it yourself, from the manufacturing phase to the warranty.

Our strengths

We solve complex problems to deliver:
Innovative solutions

Based on the market’s maturity,

Providing the right business impact,

For a realistic investment.

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