A miniaturized laser head

Under a partnership with Areva, we developed an ultra-efficient miniaturized laser head for thick-section welding, to complement MIG or TIG welding. The result, Lassy “WLH8K124” provides unprecedented access to this power rating, and the applications are flexible and modular.

Users can operate this system on a web-based application enabling them to adjust temperature and hydrometric settings. They can also use the application to visualize sensor positions and to direct welding motions. Our website provides more details on this solution’s performance.


A racing-car valve

Accelinn built a racing car and drove it on the Spa-Francorchamps circuit in 2012. This car provided a development lab to incubate and test next-generation automotive components including:

A purpose-engineering valve delivering unprecedented thermal performance

Aerodynamic features to optimize the car’s grip while limiting drag

Ultra-high-efficiency chassis components and expert adjustments to enhance performance


A laser enclosure

Accelinn has designed its own light-tight laser enclosure, which has been approved to house a high-power laser. With this enclosure, optical systems deliver outstanding thermal performance. The system is used to test engraving, texturing, coloring, drilling and polishing solutions.

This enclosure is also used to fine-tune processes. It can likewise be used for short production runs and is available for rent or via other arrangements for partner organizations.