Technology consulting and planning

We optimize your projects and ROI by setting a challenging timeline, and by concurrently harnessing technology and managing costs.

recommander une stratégie

To suggest a strategy

We turn your objectives into a strategy to achieve the optimum performance you need.

accompagner les changements

To support change

We coach you through the technological transformation.

développer les technologies optimales

To develop the optimum technology for you

Our expertise can fast-track your technology development.

Our fields of expertise


Nano-level expertise is opening the door to entirely new properties and practically endless possibilities in areas such as organic chemistry, molecular biology, semiconductor physics and micro-manufacturing. Aerogels and atom-assembling nanobots are only two examples of the possibilities that these properties are unleashing.

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Tighter emission standards and the rising cost of resources are reshaping the transport sector – and turning energy management and optimization into a strategic challenge. Accelinn has extensive experience in energy generation (with mainstream and next-generation technologies), storage (chemical, electromechanical and thermal energies) and management (monitoring, conversion, mixed sources, diesel downsizing, etc.).

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Laser technology can enhance welding operations on cutting-edge breakthroughs such as fiber laser, hybrid laser, oscillation and cladding. These technologies are bringing about impressive results in the plastic-processing industry (thermoplastic welding for instance), and opening up new prospects for hybrid welding and in the nuclear, rail, shipbuilding and offshore sectors.

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Vision and data fusion

With the Internet of Things (IoT), vision and data fusion are making it possible to use a variety of cameras and sensors to work on optics, the components of light and the entire electromagnetic spectrum. The applications range from driving autonomous vehicles to robots and on to complex processes on production lines.

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Big Data and systems engineering

Combining systems engineering and Big Data – i.e. collecting and cross-referencing masses of information relating to an activity – makes it possible to analyze and manage data and workflows on all industrial processes more finely. This expertise delivers solutions packed with added value to optimize a product’s time to market and production costs.

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Accelinn’s in-house projects

Even though most of our work involves developing trailblazing solutions for our customers, we are also developing high-added-value products and processes in-house or in partnerships.

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