Your job title

CEO and founder

Your fields of expertise

I started my career in operation development with large groups, and then set up Accelinn, around a business model based on accelerating innovation. The ways in which new technologies and competitiveness interact in industry.

Your favorite thing about working at Accelinn

I find them all fascinating. I’m especially proud of the partnership with Areva, which grew into a co-development project on state-of-the-art laser technology, which in turn led to a co-financing initiative and almost a startup business model around this laser product, Lassy.

Your story

I was born in Strasbourg in 1979, studied at a business school in Lille working part-time to get job experience and pay my way through school, and started my career at Espon as an apprentice. Then I transitioned from key account business development to indirect distribution network management. Then I took over a family business, buying and selling construction machinery, built it up and sold it 3 years later.

Then I joined the engineering and consulting team at Alten as a business engineer in the fascinating world of industry, and my career took off quite fast; I ended up managing the Eastern France region, 250 consultants and €16 million in revenue. As that market was reaching maturity, I wanted to go for something more enterprising and started Accelinn in 2011, to tap into the development potential there is at the intersection between strategy and operations, especially as regards innovation.

Since then, the company has been building this business model, which is particularly effective in our rapidly changing economy, into an all-round innovation accelerator.

What you do outside work

I’ve always found technology and outer space fascinating, and I’m into astrophotography now. I love math and chess, figuring out complex scientific issues and then harnessing them in practical applications.

I spent 3 years turning a standard going car into a circuit racing car.

I read books by and about disruptive inventors, Luc Ferry and transhumanism.

My ultimate dream is to find an entirely self-sufficient energy system. I’m working on a cold-fusion project based on articles by Pons and Fleichmann, the Schumann resonances and Tesla’s patents.

The areas where I still need to make progress are keeping my ideas in check and sticking to them, and moving at the same pace as the rest of the world.