Romain Boquet

Your title

Engineering consultant, PhD in mechanical engineering

Your fields of expertise

Product design and development, technology watch, research and innovation, project management, specs drafting, general mechanical engineering, thermal engineering, fluid dynamics, finite elements, calculations, liaising with customers/suppliers.

Your favorite thing about working at Accelinn

  • Leading projects from start to finish, from the bid to the day the solution is up and running for our customer.
  • The opportunity to grow by working on a wide variety of jobs.
  • The laid-back atmosphere in the team and cool management.

Your story

I’m from Grenoble, lived in Lyon for a while then wound up in Alsace, where I decided to stay because I love the views, camaraderie, beer and pretzels! I’ve spent most of my career in mechanical engineering, and have had plenty of very enriching experiences and discussions as a result.

What you do outside work

Spend time with my children, my wife, my friends, go out, do sports, and embark on endless philosophical discussions basking in the cozy haze after a few drinks. I love sushi – and unicorns!