James Garnier

Your job title

Head of product innovation

Your fields of expertise

Electrical engineering, systems engineering, product design, MBSE (Model Based System Engineering), project and organization management

Your favorite thing about working at Accelinn

Developing a software application for GE Marine. This entailed reorganizing the engineering teams in Belfort and Nancy, and guaranteeing POD delivery on the propulsion system.

Your story

I was born in Belfort and studied there until I started working on my PhD part of the time in Paris and the other part in Belfort, in partnership with INNETS. Then I worked at Air Liquide DTA, on international projects, and moved to Accelinn when it started up.

What you do outside work

Hiking with my 3 children, traveling around Europe and North America, any book by Asimov, and comic strips from Editions Dargaud. My kids are actually named after a few of the heroes: Valérian, Laureline and Valent.