Bouabdallah Kiouas
Bouabdallah KIOUAS

Your job title

Head of operations

Your fields of expertise

Industrial processes, team management, innovative project management, continuous improvement.

Your favorite thing about working at Accelinn

Supporting change around the project I recently worked on, to make our teams as agile and innovative inside the company as they are with our customers. I also introduced the “creativity boosters” in our offices.

Your story

I was born in Belfort, where I studied and worked on continuous improvement and R&D with several large automotive equipment manufacturers. My father came here from Algeria in the 1950s. Back then, he wasn’t sure if he wanted to settle in Germany or France.

What you do outside work

Traveling to breathtaking places, like the Niagara Falls or Isfahan. My next trip will be to Samarkand. I also enjoy literature. Leo Africanus and Don Quixote of La Mancha are two of my favorites.