Bertrand Marconnet

Your job title

Systems engineer

Your fields of expertise

  • Project management in R&D, engineering and methods offices.
  • Modeling and optimizing organizational processes, mechanical design, machining, production management, team management

Your favorite thing about working at Accelinn

The laser enclosure project, the football breaks, hanging out together after work.

Your story

I’m from Saint Etienne and studied there for some time. I find the area’s industrial history – and post-industrial transformations in general – fascinating.

I moved to Lyon to study mechanical engineering and production automation, then production management, and worked in several companies before moving to the IRTES-M3M lab, which worked with Accelinn, to focus more on innovation, to stay one step ahead of the competition.

What you do outside work

Sports! Basketball (10 years on a sports scholarship) then rugby. I also enjoy movies, new technologies and strumming my guitar.

I used to be in the gendarmerie reserve and I’m happy to volunteer with non-profits that run education programs.