Abdelqader ANEHILA

Your job title

Project manager

Your fields of expertise

Information and communications system engineer and aeronautical engineer. Product design from proof of concept to industrial production, project management, team management, negotiation, and so forth.

Your favorite thing about working at Accelinn

Contributing to the various stages in an innovative product’s life, in a small, agile organization. What I like about managing projects is that you’re in touch with the technology, creation, management and even marketing – all at the same time.

Your story

I started working as an armament engineering officer and did development work on several defense projects (avionics, radars, electronic warfare). After 10 years in the military world I moved into civil aviation, where I for examples worked on avionics development for the AS 400M, A350XWB, nEUROn and Chinook.

What you do outside work

I love watching my 4 kids’ playing around and asking questions. And, when I have nothing to do – not that I get that very often – I really enjoy an intense poker game.