100% focused on innovation

Accelinn is an innovation accelerator. That notion is embedded in the company’s name. It is a startup that incubates innovation with its partners for its customers. It was established in 2011 by Vincent Lalanne, an entrepreneur who is passionate about technology and the many technical spinoffs of the word ingenious.

  • 20 engineers/PhDs

  • 2 patents filed (for our laser technology)

  • 5 fields of expertise

  • €2 million in revenue (Accelinn France and Switzerland)

The company is operating in Didenheim (France) and Basel (Switzerland), i.e. in the Franco-Germano-Swiss Tri-national Metropolitan Region of the Upper Rhine. It has a team of 20 seasoned engineers and researchers, generates €2,400,000 in revenue today, and is expecting to reach €10 million over the next 5 years.

Accelinn is keen on developing its range of services for customers in Switzerland, the rest of Europe and beyond.

It has been certified as a T-KIBS (Technological Knowledge Intensive Business Service) under European standards.

It is a member of Industry 4.0, acknowledged as one of France’s most innovative companies, and backed by BPI France.

Its slightly over €2 million in assets from investments, subsidies and innovation grants put Accelinn in a position to provide its customers – large industrial firms and specialized SMEs – with testing equipment, expertise and in-depth knowledge revolving around pioneering fields and unprecedented applications.

Our values


All our deliverables are result-oriented. At Accelinn, we are proud that we help our customers step up their performance.


This applies to every one of our commitments – to confidentiality, to employees, to suppliers and to partner organizations – and to everything we do.


We are especially keen on tackling challenges – especially the ones that seem overwhelming. We want to find out more about just about everything.

Our partners

The team

Around 20 employee engineers and PhDs.